Posthill Press/Bombardier Books Contracts Todd Bensman to Write Second Border Book

Todd Bensman
3 min readFeb 20, 2022
Todd Bensman on the Mexico side of the infamous Del Rio, Texas migrant camp crisis, September 2021

Following the success of America’s Covert Border War, The Untold Story of the Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration, Posthill Press’s Bombardier Books imprint has contracted author Todd Bensman to write a second book. The as-yet untitled work will address the mass illegal migration border crisis triggered by the election and policies of President Joe Biden, by far the most severe in recorded American history.

Bensman’s book is scheduled to be published sometime in the summer of 2022. It will be based on Bensman’s on-the-ground field reporting among the migrants involved throughout Mexico, Central America and all along the American border.


The time has come to acknowledge and comprehend that America is weathering the greatest mass border migration event in its recorded history. Millions of foreign nationals have already overwhelmed southern border defenses, and millions more will pour over by the end of President Joe Biden’s term in 2024. Nothing like this foreign population explosion has ever happened to the United States, even in the storied chronicles of Ellis Island. Sucker-punched Americans caught by surprise by what the modern Democratic Party wrought at the border most certainly did not vote in 2020 for the inalterable societal change that will come as a direct result. The American electorate has upcoming chances, finally, to have that say and to reclaim a basic national sovereignty responsibility. Unfortunately, the people are not in possession of the reporting necessary to fully understand what happened — and what is about to happen if they do not.

This book delivers that accounting. It also provides a roadmap to the future Americans are facing not only at the physical border but throughout the country if nothing changes. Here is what has really happened with illegal immigration in the United States since 2020. Here is an account of how and why, after decades of more or less status quo, the situation stands utterly transformed. It’s an account based on the author’s extensive 2021–2022 frontline reportage throughout the borderlands and along the migrant trails of Central America, in spite of credible death threats abroad and multiple encounters with cancel-culture hatred at home. The book documents how a politically ascendant liberal progressive faction of the modern Democratic Party took control of U.S. immigration policy after the 2020 national election and, based on this movement’s reality-divorced myths and bizarre ideologies about immigration, immediately dismantled border defenses and unleashed the mass migration tsunami of permanent consequence without the consent of the American people.

Most of all, it is a tale told by the people on the move, through the unseen smuggling hubs of southern Nicaragua and the emptying central highlands of Guatemala, to the cartel-ruled central plazas of northern Mexico cities and the infamous Del Rio, Texas migrant camp of September 2021.



Todd Bensman

Todd Bensman is Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, a 9-year counterterrorism intelligence manager, and 23-year journalist